Your business needs to stay on the cutting age with new software to compete with brick-and-mortar stores and online markets. Failing to upgrade your system to the latest technology may cause your business to fall behind, which could do considerable damage to your profits and overall success. Magento is a cloud eCommerce platform that is becoming popular for businesses with online sales components. It has numerous services that can have a significant impact on your business, offering services and magento managed support. Forix is a top developer that designs and services modern, efficient websites for a variety of different industries. The Forix team is composed of eCommerce specialists with Magento certification, which makes Forix the ideal agency to work with for Magento migrations.


What Is Magento?


Quick and effective online transactions could make or break the success of an eCommerce website. Magento is a solution for the difficulties many companies face when working with online sales and interactions. Magento is a cloud-based software that benefits businesses in the direct shopping cart aspect of eCommerce websites. It also offers services to optimize email, mobile, and many other types of sales strategies and provides Magento ongoing support.


Benefits of Using Magento


One of the central reasons to begin Magento migration is the impact it will have on the customer experience. Focusing on in-store sales and neglecting your eCommerce website is no longer an option as online interactions begin to take over society. Online shoppers often have little patience and are likely to click away from your business if it takes them a long time to navigate or understand your website. Magento can ensure your customers will have the best online experience possible. Controlling numerous aspects of your eCommerce site with one platform significantly reduces the dangers of poor integration and frustrating issues.


Magento can also help your business reduce costs. Analytics about your eCommerce website give you the opportunity to identify issues in your business. The Magento software can keep track of information, such as inventory sales, and create ongoing metrics from the information, which you can easily access on a dashboard. It can also take care of simple tasks that if done manually, could take hours out of an employee’s day. By automating the tasks, Magento saves you time and money. You can spend more time on the more complex aspects of your business.


Magento is a cloud-based platform, so it can update in real time. Rather than entering pieces of information in multiple places, Magento can combine all the information so you can easily analyze everything at once. With Magento managed services, you can adapt to changes in the market automatically, helping improve your return on investment.


Magento services can help businesses of all sizes. The software optimizes and offers managed support to small, medium, and large businesses. You do not need to have a national business with 50 retail stores to work with this software.


Magento also has relationships with many developers. It allows you to seamlessly integrate other shopping platforms such as Amazon, unlike many other services, and the cloud services let you manage all the revenue data in one location.


Magento services understand the importance of ongoing support and offers continuous maintenance if anything goes wrong with your website.


Why Forix?


Forix is the top developer to work with if you are hoping to migrate to Magento services. Though Forix can design, develop, and perform maintenance on many types of websites, it specializes in eCommerce websites. Forix employs more than 100 people, and the agency has been able to launch 750 successful websites for businesses in industries such as beauty, outdoor apparel, athletic apparel, home and office accessories, and many others. Each employee in the agency has advanced technical skills and can provide managed support in numerous situations.


Forix is a top Magento-certified agency and has the tools for unparalleled design, maintenance, and managed support. It has more Magento 2 launches than any other developer in the United States, and a large base of employees who understand Magento’s services and how to mitigate many different issues. Unfortunately, many website design and maintenance companies do not provide enough managed services to customers. Forix is a developer with teams of experts trained in complex technical situations that focus on giving ongoing support to any businesses with which it works. After you launch your eCommerce website with Magento services, Forix employees will be available with managed support in case anything goes wrong.


Forix has developed a stellar reputation amongst eCommerce websites, developers, and software companies. It is a trusted and respected agency that has an extensive network of partners with a wide variety of technical services. The managed support and design teams have the experience and knowledge to identify the best solutions for your eCommerce website.


Working with Forix will save your company money in many ways. First, you will be able to reduce the money you spend paying IT employees. Once Forix integrates Magento into your eCommerce website, you will have access to many experts through both Forix and Magento who can take the place of many IT workers. Forix also decreases the time you waste on fixing technical issues. The company’s employees are Magento certified, so they understand eCommerce websites and the software more than most workers, which gives them the ability to efficiently solve problems.


Magento Migrations With Forix


More and more companies across the country are migrating to Magento. Managed ongoing support, countless services, and an experienced maintenance staff make it the ideal software for developing an eCommerce website. Forix is the top developer and has the most experience with Magento migrations, both with initial implementation and technical magento ongoing support and maintenance after a company begins using Magento.


For more information about Magento migration and how Forix can help your eCommerce website grow and succeed in an overwhelmingly competitive marketplace, contact Forix.