Scaling for Market Share Growth

As the largest Oregon outdoor retailer with 3 megastores in the Portland metro, Fisherman’s was looking to expand into new markets. With only an informational site, Fisherman’s couldn’t sell beyond its brick and mortar locations. Fisherman’s needed a solution that could seamlessly integrate its retail with e-commerce operations and provide the flexibility needed to grow.

  • Growth into New Markets
  • Launching an E-Commerce Solution


Integrations for an Omni-Channel Presence

Fisherman’s Marine and Outdoor needed a cost-effective retail software to manage their physical store and e-commerce system. Forix integrated Celerant with Magento Enterprise for a real-time POS retail management system. Fisherman’s Magento Celerant integration manages all areas of the retail organization including point of sale, sales back office, inventory management, warehouse, distribution center, allocation, multi-channel/e-commerce/kiosk, data mining, and more. To create an even more seamless integration between physical locations and their e-commerce presence, Forix developed custom product description pages to show all their lure variations in a unique format.

  • Magento-Celerant Integration
  • Customized Product Description Pages


An E-Commerce Solution Built on the Backbone of Retail

The Magento e-commerce solution allows Fisherman’s operation to rapidly scale. With a Celerant integration, Fisherman’s retail and e-commerce operations blend seamlessly and in real-time. Their e-commerce presence will not take sales away from its retail locations, but pair with its retail operations to provide a better shopping experience. Fisherman’s Marine and Outdoor’s stores are not just showrooms, they are digitally-enabled testing labs, purchase points, instantaneous pickup places, help desks, shipping centers, and return locations.

With 3 store locations around the Portland metro area, Fisherman’s Marine and Outdoor is one of the Northwest’s leading fishing and outdoor supply destinations.

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