Optimizing after Launch
Packit came to Forix searching for a fix to the multitude of problems they were facing with their site. Their ideal site would showcase their products, increase conversion rate and user engagement, and improve the design of their site through uniform brand identity. Another area of concern was the lack of customers’ ability to get involved with the site, whether it’s creating personal accounts, or sharing products via social media. Finally, as Packit continues to grow, their site needed to be optimized to be able to handle large traffic spikes.
  • Featured on Good Morning America, causing down time from traffic spikes
  • Needed differentiation from other lunch box brands
  • High bounce rate on product pages
  • Amazon was #1 sales channel


Keeping Cool Under Pressure
With the help of Packit’s input, Forix was able to implement scaleable eCommerce solution, create a responsive product-focused web design, and increase user engagement. As a result, Packit can have their products and inventory, customers and orders, and shipping and billing all sync to real time. And the use of reward points and social feeds also promote customer involvement. By utilizing Magento extensions, Packit is free to focus on increasing sales and marketing their products, without excessive backend management.
  • Magento-NetSuite Integration
  • Metrics & Heat Map Assessments
  • Sweet Tooth Rewards Integration


An E-Commerce Solution Built on the Backbone of Retail
With the upgrade to Magento eCommerce solution, Packit no longer has to worry about the sync of orders and inventory, down time due to site overload, or having a site that has no clear brand direction. Instead, Packit can now concentrate on connecting with their customers, and less on managing the store. Even though the company started off as the brainchild for one particular mother with lunch concerns, the upgrade to the site now allows for Packit’s growth into a company.
  • Conversion Rate increased by 65.95%
  • Revenue up by 42%
  • Page Load time decreased 17%
  • Mobile Conversion Rate up by 51%
Packit was started by a single mother with an idea: an insulated lunchbox that would actually keep lunches cool. The idea for the product came from listening to her kids complain that their blueberries got warm and mushy at school, despite using insulated lunchboxes with frozen gel coolers tossed inside them. She developed a new product: freezable lunch boxes. Packit’s freezable bags work like a refrigerator on the go, chilling food and drinks up to 10 hours with a freezable gel liner.

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