This week, Forix was named the Top Magento Consulting Agency of 2019 by CIOReview, a technology magazine focused on groundbreaking news and strategies for enterprises building toward the future.


CIOReview is one of the prominent publications dealing with eCommerce and it is highly regarded in the Enterprise Solutions industry. The review is known for its annual list, which ranks the best consulting agencies for eCommerce clients looking for effective guidance. The annual list is decided by a panel of industry thought-leaders whose understanding runs deep. CIOs, CEOs, analysts, and VC stakeholders are all involved in the process alongside the CIOReview team.


Forix Ranked Top Magento Consulting Agency 2019 by CIOReview Magazine


eCcommerce expertise needs to be delivered in a holistic fashion in order to be most effective. When approaching an eCommerce site, the focus must be on capturing analytics and spurring growth, with aesthetic appeal taking a less significant place in the order of priorities. Success can be measured by growth in revenue and sales, with many Forix clients seeing a two to six times increase in these areas. Two of the most important data points to manage are conversion rate optimization (CRO) and average order value (AOV).


Working with a Magento consulting agency allows clients to benefit from all of their previous experience working with a variety of businesses and industries. Their knowledge is not limited to their own experiences, but is gleaned from work with many different enterprises.


We’ve already experienced all the challenges of running an effective Magento website, let us apply that knowledge to help you effectively adjust strategies and campaigns,” says Brian Taylor, VP at Forix. “There’s no reason for clients to limit the knowledge base they draw from to inform their business decisions. A consulting team with both B2B and B2C experience can provide all of the functionalities that are necessary to succeed in a crowded e-commerce world.


Top Enterprise Design Firms Forix


Forix is concentrating on Magento Support and Growth services to ensure it can deliver maximum results for clients using the Magento platform. The firm is comprised of over 65 Magento certified professionals who understand that the web design and programming needs of eCommerce sites vary greatly from other online businesses. It is this understanding and quest to best meet their client’s needs that put Forix at the head of the pack.


Whether you’re looking to achieve peak website performance, attain deeper engagement with your customers, or drive revenue with a growth strategy rooted in your data, Forix can help. Let our award-winning team serve as an extension of your team and make a difference in achieving your eCommerce goals. Get in touch with us today.