Migrating to Magento can be the best move you make for your eCommerce business. Magento is the top open commerce platform in the world, and Magento 2 is the future of that platform. Whether you’re migrating from an entirely different platform or want to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2, Forix can help. Forix can give you the expertise, resources, managed services, website maintenance, and ongoing attention from developers you need for a successful transition. Here are just some of the reasons clients see us as the top Magento agency for migrations.


Years of Magento Experience


You can’t put a price on experience when it comes to Magento migrations. The developers you go with absolutely must have real, hands-on experience walking clients through platform migration and managed support. Otherwise, you’ll be the guinea pig who suffers from all the first-time mistakes and oversights. You don’t want to lose out on important opportunities or lose critical data because of a first-time company’s preventable error. Invest in an agency that has handled numerous migration services for eCommerce companies of different industries, sizes, platforms, and needs.


Only with real-life experience will the developers and account manager know how to address issues and maintenance needs that may arise during your migration. Migrating can be quite a headache for store owners. Working with a skilled, experienced, and confident team can make your move much easier and less prone to incidents – including serious data losses that could impact your business. If you know you can’t take on your migration alone, don’t partner with a newbie. Give your transition its best chance at going smoothly with experienced developers.


Forix has the experience you’re looking for. We’ve successfully launched 750 sites and counting. There’s no website project or migration we shy away from. When you partner with Forix for Magento migration, we’ll pair you with a dedicated account manager in charge of ensuring your project’s ongoing success. You’ll also benefit from a team of UX/UI designers, managed support specialists, QA testers, and experienced developers. We have plenty of staff members available to support each and every client who comes to us for technical assistance and managed services.


Personalized Data Migration Strategies


Your migration will be like nobody else’s. Your eCommerce store is 100% unique and so is your Magento migration. The managed support services you invest in should recognize this fact and custom-tailor your migration strategy according to your one-of-a-kind maintenance needs and goals. A top agency will assess your exact website’s data and store configurations before taking any action. Then, developers will personalize your migration strategy based on your exact needs.


Losing vital data during a migration is most storeowners’ main concern. Partnering with a top agency for migration services can help make sure this doesn’t happen. Custom data migration and managed services can help you set up a Magento system that meets the requirements, transition all your data, and dump them into your new site without costly problems. Have total peace of mind about your sensitive core business data when you use experienced professionals.


Forix specializes in custom Magento website designs, builds, maintenance, and managed support services. This includes migration services as well as integrations. Forix has developed tools specifically suited to help move your data, inventory, catalogs, customer information, and more. We know exactly how to make your migration simple, stress-free, and – most important – successful, without undue down time for your business.


Award-Winning Website Designers


Website designers and developers can be important during Magento migration, with services and maintenance to make sure the front end of your Magento site is as good as it can possibly be. Experienced designers and managed support specialists can take care of all the elements of your new website design, preparing them to be ready to go when your migration commences. Working with developers who have proven their prowess with gorgeous, responsive, and mobile-friendly Magento websites can give you peace of mind during your move.


Forix is proud to staff award-winning website builders available to aid with Magento migrations. They are happy to work with you on your unique, original website design before, during, and after your Magento migration. Your dedicated project manager will work closely with developers to optimize the user interface and user experience (UX/UI). The design of your new Magento store can make a big difference in the success of your website. Migration isn’t just about moving your data – it’s about achieving an optimized finished product.


One-on-One 24/7 Help From Experts


One of the biggest perks of going with Forix for your Magento migration is unparalleled support during the entire process. We pride ourselves in our 24/7 website monitoring, prompt issue resolution, and technical assistance whenever needed. Our Magento ongoing support services are the best in the business, with personal attention to virtually any eCommerce problem that might arise during the transition. Our technical support team can provide fast answers to your needs and concerns, day or night.


Our versatile team of eCommerce platform and website experts can help you create the perfect website, no matter what that looks like for your brand. We won’t allow any details to be lost in the shuffle of Magento migration. Our services center on transitioning each piece of data, website setting, configuration, third-party extension, promotion, and other elements to your new Magenta store effortlessly. Regardless of your desired themes, customizations, technical elements, or system requirements, our team can handle it and support your move.


Long-Term Managed Support Services


After your long-awaited Magento migration is successfully complete, your website’s journey doesn’t end. You need long-term managed services and ongoing support for real eCommerce store success. Forix doesn’t complete your migration and then leave you to your own devices with your new site. We stick around, offering our around-the-clock ongoing support and technical services for as long as you need them.


Our team is happy to provide long-term website maintenance, advanced integrations, website updates, and more as needed. We can also ensure the security and optimization of your new Magento website at all times. You won’t have to worry about your site failing to perform at its best or suffering from common issues like slow load speeds. Our developers will have you covered. Reach out to us today to discuss your Magento migration and ongoing services.