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You’ve heard Magento is the most powerful e-commerce platform in the world, but you’re not 100% sure you’re using it to its fullest potential. If your website isn’t opening the doors or gaining the customers you expected it to, it’s probably an issue with development, not with the platform, itself. Don’t worry – a top Magento developer, Forix, is here to provide tips proven to enhance the success of your website. Use these three tips to give your website a jumpstart in the e-commerce world.


Invest in Ongoing Managed Services


Don’t underestimate the importance of Magento managed services for the overall success of your site. Magento management, maintenance, technical support, and constant updates are the tools that will fuel the success of your online store. Don’t take our word for it – see the real results Forix’s managed services have achieved for clients. Managed services can lead to the following benefits:


  • Increased lead generation and more online and in-store sales. The marketing assistance you can get from your Magento developer can help your campaigns get the results you’ve been seeking.
  • Better brand scalability. Forix has helped several companies seamlessly scale down through tailored digital plans. We can help small e-commerce companies expand their reach in a way that works for them.
  • Simplified, unified backend processes. The abilities of your team to keep up with increased traffic and changing customer demands depends on the simplicity and intuitiveness of your backend. Optimize it with a developer’s help.
  • Beautiful, responsive, mobile-friendly website. Polished web pages that abide by SEO best practices and engage with customers can make all the difference in the success of your online store.
  • 24/7 technical support. Prompt reactions to issues and customized solutions can help your brand stay afloat in an industry replete with security breaches and hacks. Ongoing support services mean never having to worry about site security.


Managed services aren’t a luxury investment for brands that have already “made it.” They are the key to personalized, tailored digital solutions for brands experiencing problems. The right services provider can help your website and brand achieve success through the little and big things it does to help you along the way. Forix is a top Magento agency that’s dedicated to client success.


Keep Your Magento Site Secure With a Multifaceted Approach


Supporting an e-commerce website takes a certain amount of trust. Your customers need to feel confident in the ongoing support and security of your website. Website breaches, stolen data, and exposed personal information can take a major toll on your brand’s reputation. Don’t fall prey to the sophisticated hackers of today. Keep your Magento e-commerce store primed and ready to tackle any security threat, from data leaks to fraud, with a multifaceted approach to site security:


  1. Work with a Magento ongoing support agency. An agency like Forix can keep your website hack-proof with 24/7 technical support and managed services. Partnering with a third-party developer from the beginning can start your website off on the right foot. Forix can safeguard and future-proof your Magento website from day one.
  2. Update your system regularly. Outdated servers and systems can punch holes in your security strategy. Keeping up with website maintenance and installing security and patch updates regularly can fortify your system, defend against attacks, mitigate risks, and prevent fraud. Magento managed support from Forix comes with security updates and patch installations.
  3. Prepare a disaster recovery plan. Even the best-laid security plans of Magento developers can go awry. Always have a recovery plan in place just in case. Your emergency plan should include systems for rebooting your site, tackling technical problems, and recovering any lost data with backups. Managed services with Forix come with disaster recovery plans.
  4. Watch for signs of an issue. Website maintenance is critical for detecting and stopping security breaches before they occur. Preventive maintenance through ongoing managed services with a top developer can make all the difference in your website’s security. Forix’s maintenance team can monitor for signs of attack with ongoing security reviews and special tools.
  5. Take swift action. If the worst does happen, the agility of your IT team is crucial. You have to act fast to mitigate the damage, respond to customer concerns, and reestablish your Magento website as a trusted e-commerce shop. Partnering with the right developer for ongoing support services can provide for your business needs immediately in the event of an attack.


Keeping your Magento website secure takes preparation, dedication, and ongoing technical support. Preventive technical maintenance, 24/7 managed services with a trusted developer, and having a security plan in place can keep your site up and running without a hitch around the clock. Say goodbye to midnight phone calls about your website crashing or thieves stealing customer information. Partner with Forix and have total peace of mind in website security.


Go After Your Loftiest Business Goals With Passion


Don’t sell yourself short settling for the website you have instead of the website you want. Online store success comes from being positive, surrounding yourself with the right support system, staying focused on your goals, and being true to who you are (from the team at Magento, itself). Once you have managed services taking care of the technical aspects of your website, you can use your time to go after the dreams and desires that made you start a business in the first place.


Becoming an e-commerce leader takes seizing opportunities, exploring your passions, and connecting to the people and tools that will take your site to the next level. Everything you do in relation to your business should come from a place of passion. Having the drive to make a real impact on the e-commerce community comes from inside. No matter what roadblocks and pitfalls seem to stand in your way, overcome them with help from a powerful agency.


You don’t have to manage your Magento website alone. Pursue your loftiest business goals with the tools and motivation to actually achieve them when you partner with a top Magento developer. Working with a team like Forix can help you unlock the true power of your website and e-commerce platform. We have more than just tips for success – we have the tools and experience to make a real difference in your brand’s bottom line. Contact Forix today to get the managed support services you need.