eCommerce Agency over developer for growth

There are a lot of complexities and moving pieces that need to fall into the right place when designing a mature e-commerce site. So, what is the difference between hiring a single developer or an agency that specializes in website design? Here’s a look at why you should consider hiring an agency to handle your website.


Get the Most Power


Agencies know how to utilize Magento to its full power. When hiring a developer, you will get only one person who may know to implement specific parts of the platform. With an agency, you are gaining a team of people trained to use all the various pieces of the platform. Bring all the features together and have an agency design your website around them.


Look for a Magento Partner


Certified Magento Partners also have access to the latest updates, developments, and support straight from the company. If you want up-to-date knowledge and the skills to use the latest editions, partners have access to the entire toolbox.




An agency will have more experience creating custom designs for a wide variety of e-commerce platforms. Check out their portfolio of previously designed projects to get an idea of the wide range of skills they possess. More experience also means a greater ability to handle any trouble areas that may pop up during the design process.




An agency has many more resources at its fingertips. We’ve already pointed out that certified Magento partners have access to official resources, and they have access to a lot more training programs and hire developers from many different backgrounds. Hiring for all the individual web design and development roles you need can add huge costs to wages. A common issue stemming from this is that businesses often don’t need dedicated resources for certain tasks on a full-time basis. This means team members can be underutilized or left idle, tying up funds that could be invested elsewhere.


Unbeatable Pricing


An agency can accept more jobs than a single developer. For you, this means a better price point. Agencies usually have a few different package deals available, and they can offer you a customized web design experience. A developer may only have one set price per hour, costing you a lot more in the long run.




Single-person teams can be difficult to reach with questions or concerns and can be harder to track down when things go wrong, which can add risk to the experience. Your project manager from the agency manages communications, which also means that communication will not distract or interrupt the design team’s work.


Post-Development Support


In the case of a single developer, he or she will need to move on to the next project. This leaves very little time for follow-up care. An agency has the time and the resources to reach out with post-development support to keep the process moving. Check to see what the agency offers for help after the design is complete. There may be elements you wish to tweak and having this option can bring peace of mind to anyone new to the Magento platform.


Hiring a top Magento agency like Forix usually makes more sense when building an e-commerce site from scratch. Our Magento Managed Support team has got you covered every step of the way. Chat with our experts and discover how we can take your Magento website to the next level, making it a pleasant experience for everyone and improving your business.