work with best magento agency for magento b2b
Are you looking to start work on your Magento B2B site? The Magento ongoing support team at Forix is waiting for your call. We’ve got something to fit every need and price, and a team certified to do it all. Here’s a look at some of the reasons to consider Forix for all your website needs.


Mobile-Optimized Designs


All the best Magento agency teams have the expertise to know that mobile-optimization is a key ingredient to a successful website. The Magento managed services team at Forix will work with you to create a plan to optimize your website for on-the-go access. Your clients will be able to sign into their accounts from any device, increasing productivity and a chance to shop on their time schedule. Our professionals will create a fluid design that looks great on any size screen, on any device allowing you to take the credit for a flawless customer experience.


Get Top-of-the-Line Security With Magento Managed Services


Security is a top priority when building a B2B site. Businesses need to know their information is safe in your hands. We have the certifications and the training to know how to keep security tight on your site. B2B companies will create a login account on your website to access a customized catalog and price list. From there, they can save their information, creating a much easier way to reorder products, saving time every time they order. Magento support services from Forix will install the security patches and update your website to make sure you are not vulnerable to an attack, so you can keep your reputation clean and your clients safe and secure.


Excellent Customer Service


Forix is proud to say our team provides excellent customer service. We are here to support your needs and the needs of your Magento B2B. If something is not working, just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help you solve it. Working together, we can create a seamless design to serve your customers, allowing you to provide excellent customer service on the other side. It’s a winning situation for everyone involved.


Broad Portfolio of Work


When looking for the best Magento agency, be sure to ask to view the team’s portfolio. You can see a variety of website designs across a span of different businesses. A wide and diverse portfolio shows off the skills of the team, so look for one that has a lot to offer. Forix’s portfolio has examples of our work right on our website for everyone to see. We love showing off our team’s work and are proud to say we have launched successful sites for such big names as GoPro, CRKT, SexyHair, and more.


Complete Technical Support


Our team is ready and waiting to provide all the technical support you need to get started on your design. Implement Adobe Commerce Cloud with Forix’s support every step of the way.