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Streamlining Workflow through Automation
CRKT suffered from an outdated eCommerce platform that hampered both internal processes as well as the Customer user experience. Along with an internal rebranding effort, Forix worked with CRKT’s creative, customer service and management team to come up with a new responsive website with an overhauled user experience and automation with product management, fulfillment and customer service.

The Challenge

CRKT, one of the world’s most popular knife companies was suffering from an outdated design that would effectively reflect their new branding efforts. Additionally they lacked the capability on their existing platform to have a truly automated back office integrated with their website.


A branded experience on the front end and automation on the backend was the desired goal for the project. Through a clean, easy to use interface and integration into CRKT’s existing 3rd party platforms Forix would accomplish both.


  • 109%

    Increase in Revenue
  • 92%

    Increase in Conversion Rates
  • 71%

    Increase in Pageviews

Featured Growth Stories


    Problem: Poor Search Experience


    Increase In Transactions, YOY

    Client for: 4 Years

    Revenue: 121% increase


    Problem: Poor Online Presence


    Increase In Revenue

    Client for: 3 Years

    Conversion rate: 92% increase

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