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Schutt Sports

Customized Product Builders
Schutt Sports was ready to feature their customizable helmets for football, baseball, and softball. They approached Forix to update their shopping experience and feature their customizable products through LiquidPixels.

The Challenge

The old Schutt Sports website looked dated and had a confusing flow. After a few clicks a customer would be lost within the website unsure of how to get back to where they were. Additionally, limited product customization options resulted in users not being able to see an accurate visualization of what they were buying.


Forix needed to start from scratch and completely revamp the product organization and user experience. The focus was to draw the customer in and keep them coming back with interactive features. Site visitors can now customize in real time, use digital interactive lookbooks, and ‘Make them See’ color filters for real time previews.


  • 109%

    Increase in Revenue
  • 92%

    Increase in Conversion Rates
  • 71%

    Increase in Pageviews

Featured Growth Stories


    Problem: Poor Search Experience


    Increase In Transactions, YOY

    Client for: 4 Years

    Revenue: 121% increase


    Problem: Poor Online Presence


    Increase In Revenue

    Client for: 3 Years

    Conversion rate: 92% increase

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