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A Mobile-­First Brand Experience

Why Mobile-First Matters Most

Sexy Hair came to Forix with the idea of creating a brand-building eCommerce platform that could connect better with its customers. When we discovered that Sexy Hair’s user base was comprised of more than 50% mobile customers, we developed a truly mobile-first eCommerce platform built from the ground up to deliver seamless brand and product discovery on any device.

The Challenge

Sexy Hair’s success is driven by an international network of salon owners and brand ambassadors that champion their extensive line of hair care products. Forix was asked to build an online brand and eCommerce experience that would capture and nurture Sexy Hair’s loyal customers, while complimenting their established retail network.


One of our first steps with any project is to understand the target users’ needs and preferences. In our initial analytics review, we discovered that Sexy Hair’s mobile user rate had grown 30% year­ over ­year, outpacing industry averages. This insight uncovered the company’s true potential for growth, by identifying mobile conversion increase as the goal. The new mobile-first brand we built for Sexy Hair gives users an experience that excites and engages customers, ultimately leading to an increase in AOV and mobile conversions on the site.


  • 37%

    Mobile Conversions Up 37%
  • +12%

    Mobile AOV Up 12%
  • 31%

    Average Time on Site Up 31%


We have some amazing custom integrations that will help us match the ongoing demand and reach mobile customers. With our new site, we are equipped with the tools we need to provide a captivating brand experience.
– Jill Pauley, Marketing Manager of Sexy Hair.

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