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Brand Commerce Reinvented

Intuitive Product Education

McDavid is a leading producer of protective sportswear and sports medicine equipment. Wanting to bring in store and catalog brand education online with subtle yet optimal user experience while keeping focus on eCommerce sales and conversion flows, McDavid worked with Forix to help reinvent their brand commerce.

The Challenge

McDavid was faced with the challenge of presenting a large catalog of products focused on sports medicine technology and individual sport performance. In order to allow customers to easily shop, they needed to visually represent complex sport-related fit and purpose information without hampering the purchase process.


Forix worked with McDavid to make use of new icons and photographic visual depictions to help describe product purpose and illustrate specific benefits. This combined with providing multiple paths to finding the right product allowed visitors shop by body parts, product types, or sports. In conjunction with on-site improvements McDavid also leveraged social media to encourage conversation within communities that love sports by showcasing sport Instagram feeds.


  • 55%

    Increase in revenue
  • 64%

    Increase in conversion rates
  • 44%

    Increase in number of transactions

Featured Growth Stories


    Problem: Poor Search Experience


    Increase In Transactions, YOY

    Client for: 4 Years

    Revenue: 121% increase


    Problem: Poor Online Presence


    Increase In Revenue

    Client for: 3 Years

    Conversion rate: 92% increase

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